Sunday, January 14, 2007


you know who is a jackass? joe lieberman. i swear to bob, this guy is the worst senator out of all 100 of them. i know if he switched parties the senate would go republican. me dissing on him doesn’t help us democrats hold on to the senate. but neither did it help us when the idiot voters of connecticut re-elected this schmuck! guess what? joe lieberman is a fucking warmonger who wants to escalate the war in iraq and also attack iran and syria! he is a neoconservative, as neoconservative as they get! he thinks iraq is part of the so-called global war on terror! to quote borat, “we support your war OF terror.” yes, who are the terrorists now? who are the ones using torture chambers in abu gharaib and guantanamo bay, and using “rendition” to turn people over to arab countries to be tortured, and massacreing innocent civilians in haditha, and occupying countries on the opposite side of the globe and setting up puppet governments to secure a source of oil and eliminate regimes which oppose us? yeah, WE are the ones doing all that nasty shit! just check out this post about joe lieberman from cenk uygur. and you know who else is a jackass, besides joe lieberman? mel gibson! i mean, what is up with that guy? check it out!

what a weirdo! who the hell is that guy? we got saddam hussein over here? christ! this guy’s beard is practically bin-ladenish! is mel gibson a muslim or what? i wonder if he is sunni or shiite. sure he SAYS he is catholic, but nancy pelosi says the same thing, and they can’t BOTH be the same religion, can they? what is with catholics anyway? do they have to do whatever the pope says, even if the pope is a fucking nazi from germany? heil hitler! yeah right. so the pope says he was opposed to the nazis. ok, ok, i get it. he’s not a nazi. but you know who is? mel gibson.

and joe lieberman... well i don’t want to mention his undying loyalty to the state of israel, but... he has pretty fucked up ideas about the middle east and how to treat countries like iraq, iran, syria, and the rest of them. you know why joe lieberman’s 2004 presidential campaign did so poorly? because nobody has any time for his pro-war bullshit, at least not in the democratic party! he might find a receptive audience at the heritage foundation, the american enterprise institute, or any of the other right-wing think tanks. in fact he does! i have seen him on c-span many times recently, in front of these goddamn right-wing think tanks, telling the crazy warbots in the audience what they were programmed to like to hear. war! kill! nuke! blood! what the fucking hell? why don’t we just stop killing these poor middle eastern people? what did they ever do to us (besides 9/11)? i mean, so i guess a few of the middle easterners are terrorists. but so was timothy mcveigh, and so was the unabomber, and so are the northern ireland terrorists, and the eta basque separatist group in spain! timothy mcveigh was a devout christian, but we never hear about “christian terrorists”! and former israeli prime minister yitzak rabin was assassinated by a jewish terrorist, someone from his same religion, his same country! there are terrorists in all nations, from all backgrounds! osama bin laden is from a wealthy family, but there are also poor, impovershed terrorists. some terrorists are well-educated (the unabomber went to harvard and did very well, for instance), while other terrorists are uneducated and practically retarded (like josé padilla, the retarded “dirty bomb” guy). joe lieberman said, just the other day, that if we pull out of iraq, the people fighting iraq will come attack us here in america! what the fucking hell?!? pull your head out of your ass, you stupid warmongering asshole! that does not make any logical sense at all! the people of iraq want their country back, and they want us out! they have no interest in attacking our american homeland to provoke us to kill even more of them! only the terrorist al qaeda types would want that, but they are not iraqi nationalists! the sunnis, those who followed saddam hussein, who are not religious fundamentalists, they have no reason to attack the united states at home. nor do the shiites, since we gave them control of the country on a silver platter. and the kurds are all allies of ours, so much so that none of them are fighting us in iraq, since they are all on our side. al qaeda is a sunni terrorist group and hezbollah is a shiite terrorist group. but hezbollah are actually “freedom fighters”, since they liberated southern lebanon from israeli occupation by fighting an insurgency against the israeli occupiers. perhaps we are occupiers? but we are told that we are guests of the iraqi government, which is our close ally and wants us there. sure, sure. believe whatever you want to believe. but the people of iraq and the government of iraq are very different from each other. the prime minister of iraq, nouri al-maliki, is a jackass too. why? because everyone is saying he is incompetant and screwing up. he is just like george w. bush in that way. or like ken lay in his leadership of enron.

i wonder if ken lay is burning in hell for all eternity, or if heaven and hell are both fictional locations. for some reason, i like the idea of thinking that ken lay and saddam hussein and strom thurmond and richard nixon and other bad people are burning in hell, even though it is not very nice to them. what about their feelings? maybe they think they are good people. maybe they try to justify all the bad things they did. who knows? but they are dead now. osama bin laden, you are on notice. you look too much like mel gibson. osama bin laden should be the next to be thrown into the burning pits of hell. i wonder if saddam hussein is going to come back from hell, as a demon, and use demonic possession to take over the body of someone else. say, mel gibson, perhaps. that would be quite funny. especially if it was caught on video, and posted on youtube. that would kick ass. and then we could bring in the pope to perform an exorcism, and the pope would accidentally recite old nazi chants during the exorcism procedure, and we could laugh at him. imagine the pope standing over mel gibson, who is chained to his bed yelling things out in arabic, and the pope keeps reciting “sieg heil!” that would be so goddamn hilarious, i would die from laughing too hard, and then i would burn in hell too. wow. that’s gotta hurt. those flames... they are pretty rough. oh man. that is totally gonna suck ass. i’m lucky that it’s all just mythology, just like thor and zeus and shiva and all those animist spirits. too bad our politicians all believe in that bullshit. i wonder why we in western civilization have so much respect for the ancient greek and roman civilizations. i mean, those people believed in some crazy shit, in their mythology. i guess maybe we just have respect for them because they are able to have so much faith in something that is such obvious bullshit, yet they are still able to believe something that is not true no matter how obvious it is that they are wrong. that is something that people respect, and it is called faith. i wonder why i never developed any of this “faith”, or if i ever will. i hope not, because then i would be even more of a jackass than i already am.