Tuesday, July 21, 2009

my girlfriend

recently i got a new girlfriend. actually, a few weeks ago, back in late june of this year (2009). so that, among other reasons, is part of why i haven’t posted anything to this blog lately. she is not only my new girlfriend, but the first girlfriend i have ever had in my entire life, so i am rather proud of this new accomplishment. if you have been reading this blog in the past you are no doubt familiar with how i have never dated anyone before. well that long period of epic fail in my life is now ancient history. now i will find new and more epic ways to fail, probably. lol. anyway this is an anonymous blog so i am not saying what my girlfriend’s name is, and actually for privacy reasons i won’t really say anything else about her on this blog, for the time being at least, except for one thing: we both like each other a lot. ok that is enough information for you. there are many, many details, none of which you will find out about on this blog. bwahahahahaha! enjoy your ignorance on this subject. you will probably find many other subjects to be ignorant in as well, such as the grand unified field theory of physics, the easy way to become a billionaire fast, or the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow.