Saturday, May 1, 2010

oh hi there

hey everybody! i didn't notice you were gone. or was i gone? anyway i'm still here. yeah. i just haven't felt like blogging in awhile, you know? sometimes you just don't feel like blogging, like you have other things you'd rather do instead, since blogging used to be fun but it just isn't as fun anymore, know what i mean? so things have been going alright, i have a new girlfriend, different from the one i had last year. oh, what else? not really anything else happened. oh, i guess obama passed his healthcare bill into law awhile ago. that was nice, although a single-payer system would've been better, but i guess that makes me a socialist (even though even canada and britain's conservative parties would never dare get rid of their single-payer systems). hmm... i guess sometimes us bloggers get a bit tired of blogging and stop doing it, ya know? anyway, i'm still here. somewhere around here, anyway. and still using lowercase. lowercase is fun. it requires less shift and caps lock. you should try it sometime, random person reading this. anyway, that's all for now.

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