Monday, March 11, 2013

please sign petition to pardon "bob" dobbs

there is a petition i started to pardon j. r. "bob" dobbs. sign it here! also please retweet this tweet about it if you are on the twitter. to sign a petition on the white house website you just need to give an email address, it's not that hard. anyway, 150 signatures are needed to make the petition viewable and searchable by the public (and not just through social media). then, 100,000 signatures are needed to get an official response from the obama administration. with your help, we can easily meet the 150 signature threshold, but the 100,000 signature threshold is probably impossible to meet within less than a month. anyway you have to sign this thing by april 10th, 30 days from now. get to it and get everyone you know to sign it too! update: my petition has been removed by the moderators at the white house website for some insane reason, even though much more bizarre petitions are still on that site, like a bunch of ones in all caps that say to "STOP WHITE GENOCIDE" and are full of offensive, racist nonsense. yet my sensible, well-written petition was apparently removed for some ridiculous reason. perhaps someone at the white house who monitors the petitions did a google search on j. r. "bob" dobbs and realized the whole thing was one big joke. that is most likely what happened. however, the fact that they removed this shows that they can't take a joke. and the subgenius motto is "fuck 'em if they can't take a joke". my petition did manage to get 24 signatures within just 2 days of being posted before the moderators removed it, so with 12 signatures per day it would have easily reached the 150 signature threshold within 30 days to permanently be visible on the white house website. even 5 signatures per day is enough to reach that 150 signature threshold in 30 days and i had more than double that rate. obviously the people with no sense of humor at the white house petitions website don't want anything funny allowed. but they do allow ridiculous petitions about stopping so-called "WHITE GENOCIDE" in all caps, or petitions about states seceding from the union, or other things that are blatantly racist or offensive in other ways. my petition was not offensive in any way at all. so their removal of it made no sense at all, especially considering all the awful petitions that they DON'T remove. very puzzling...

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